Юрий Шерлинг | yuri-sherling


"In order not to introduce the reader misleading, should be warned: everything written in this book, nothing more than the author's fiction, the prism of his own feelings, through which he sees our beautiful and complex world. All the characters in the novel are fictional, and do not try to find in them similarities with anyone who is now living or who once lived, but has already died. You can always accuse the author of bias. Yes, yes, there is such a sin behind me, but I can’t help myself - what it is. You yourself will figure out where the author begins to be difficult. "

"Last fall, during a business trip to New York, I was invited to the New Year (according to the Jewish calendar) holiday in the Millennium theater hall. Opening the evening, which was attended by many immigrants from the former USSR, the presenter said that the creator was in the hall and the main director of the Jewish Chamber Musical Theater Yuri Sherling, that is me. ... During the intermission, the audience surrounded me. They asked about my fate, about my family, complained that the theater was not being revived. They spoke about the invaluable role played by his performances in their duel with the Soviet authorities for a free, dignified life, for the right to choose their own country of residence, while the young, who had never seen our performances and knew about them only from their elders, were interested in where they could read about the theater, its performances, artists ... Nowhere! I realized that to tell about this theater, to preserve in history the true feat of his team in the dark times of Soviet total anti-Semitism, when the creative personality was the strictest taboo about people who have experienced "loneliness in the crowd" is my sacred duty. And I decided to fulfill it by writing this book. "

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